by Thomas Barrandon

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VR is the next big thing for video games lovers !
Check out this addictive experience, I tried it and ... believe me ... it is !

Stay focused and aim well to win against the aggressive and vicious Proton Ball ! Against a friend, how many mistakes you make will determine who wins and who loses.
Proton Ball is a VR sports game, kind of a mix between a game of Dodge-ball and a Shooting Range.
Multiplayer :
The Proton Ball really likes to hit players on the head. If it hits you, your adversary earns one point. Use your Proton-Gun to shoot the ball so it becomes your ally and to boost its aggressivity, but beware, nothing is stopping the other player from doing the same. Protect yourself by using your shield and by dodging. First to reach ten points wins the game.
Solo :
No human adversary doesn't make it any easier. This time your are the Proton-Ball's only target. Shoot it as much as you can, and avoid being hit, but beware, a few surprises are waiting for you along the way and reaching the highest score wont be an easy thing to do.


released June 15, 2017



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Thomas Barrandon France

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